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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Biographies For All

1)Ten Wheel Drive

2)Genya Ravan

3)Bobby Hebb
Joe also edits

4)Peter Noone

5)Barbara Harris

6)Joey Molland of Badfinger

7)Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad
see also

8)Buzzy Linhart

Joe also edits

9)John Cate

10)Moulty of The Barbarians

11)Wayne Wadhams

12)Charlie Farren

13)Mach Bell

14)Eddy Pumer of KALEIDOSCOPE

15)Moogy Klingman

16)Producer Paul Williams

17)Mike Settle of The First Edition

18)Doug Fieger of The Knack

19)Duke & The Drivers

20)Danny Klein

21)John "J" Geils

22)Seth Justman

23)Magic Dick

24)Stephen Jo Bladd

25)Lawrence Donegan of The Bluebells

26)Robin Lane & The Chartbusters

27)Asa Brebner


29)The G Clefs

30)Producer Rob Fraboni


32)Against Tomorrow's Sky

33)Snakes And Music

34)Victim Of Modern Age



37)Stewkey of NAZZ

38)Fred James

39)Roscoe Shelton

40)Thaddeus Hogarth

41)Mark Newman

42)Steve Hunter

43)John Till

44)John Batdorf of Batdorf & Rodney


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